Suspect #2: Dorothy Vail of Camillus

Dorothy Vail of Camillus, wife of James Armstrong and Thomas Ferrall. Her father was probably a miller, and appears to have been in both Onondaga and Madison Counties.

Dorothy Armstrong is listed in Camillus in the NYS tax records for 1799 ( subscription required), next to Thomas Ferrel. We believe that Dorothy was listed in the tax records because she was a widow and that her husband died before 1799.

According to Genealogy of Some of the Vail Family Descended from Jeremiah Vail at Salem, Mass., 1639, p. 53, online at (subscription required):

i DOROTHY, b. 7 Jan., 1765; m. 1st James Armstrong; m. 2d Thomas Ferrall.

Dorothy is said to be the daughter of Daniel Vail, who was born 19 February 1745 at Southold, and married Elizabeth Smith on 3 January 1764 at Goshen, Orange County, New York. Of Daniel, it says:

Daniel Vail moved from Orange County to New Jersey, where he lived six years; then he went to Camillus, Onondaga Co., N. Y., in 1792. From Camillus, he went to Marcellus, N. Y., now Skaneateles. He was a weaver by trade. His wife died March 12, 1815. He died February 23, 1832, aged 87.

Dorothy Ferrall is buried in Elbridge Rural Cemetery in Elbridge, Onondaga County, New York. Thomas Ferrall is also buried there.

Daniel Vale is enumerated in the 1800 census in Camillus ( subscription required) on the page after Thomas Ferrall. Dorothy is not listed in the 1800 census. She is also not listed in the 1800 NYS tax records. Thomas Ferrall’s property does not increase in 1800, however.