We have been looking for the parents of William Armstrong for many many years. We are offering a $2000.00 finder’s fee for credible evidence of his parents that we have not seen. Here are the rules and guidelines:

You must convince us through a proof argument or summary with complete source citations and copies of applicable documents of a connection between William Armstrong and the people you believe to be his parents.

In the case of multiple people sending us convincing proof, the first individual, genealogist or historical society to email us with proof will receive the reward. Email timestamps will be used to determine the earliest email entry.

If you are an historical society submitting proof, we will be happy to make the reward a donation to your organization, if you wish.

Submitted proof of only one parent will be considered; the reward will be $1,000.

If you think you have convincing proof, email

The decision of the judges will be final.

When we have a winner and/or when we find the answer, we will post the information here on this website.